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Sauer Land Surveying's residential land surveys include a broad range of services that can be customized to clients' specific needs. Generally, residential surveys are ordered before purchasing/selling real estate, when dividing any parcel of land for sale, and prior to the construction of any improvements.

The most common types of surveys ordered for real estate transactions are the following:

  Surveyor Location Report:
This survey is usually limited to title insurance companies with loan policies on tracts of land less than two (2) acres that contain a house. It involves minimal field work and no corner property stakes are set. 
  Boundary Survey:
This survey is performed specifically for the purpose of establishing or retracing boundary lines of a tract of land. It requires a significant amount of work to complete, including: Researching record documents, field work, measurements and analysis, computations to establish boundary lines, locating and setting corner property stakes, a detailed drawing, and a Surveyor's Report explaining details and results of the survey.

Our comprehensive and state-compliant surveys will guarantee that you have the necessary documentation for your transaction. We invite you to contact us with any questions as to what service would best fit your situation.


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The following are other types of residential surveys and services Sauer Land Surveying offers:




A Land Survey: Don't Buy a House Without One!


Are you buying a house or planning improvements to your existing property but aren't sure if you should get a land survey? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would you like visual proof of where your property's corners are? How about knowing where the building setback lines and easements are?

  • Considering fencing part of your property? Have your neighbors recently installed fences in questionable locations?

  • Planning to landscape along or near any of your property lines? Are neighbors planting trees along what they think is the property line without proof?

  • Building an addition onto the existing house? How about a shed, deck, patio, pool, or swing set?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, getting a survey would be in your best interest financially and for piece-of-mind. Would you buy a house without an inspection? Of course not! You want to know before signing the final paperwork if everything is working properly and if there are any potential problems. It's the same concept with a survey. And, like an inspection, you will receive a detailed Surveyor's Report with your certified survey to explain what was found on the property.


Unfortunately, some lenders, title companies, and realtors are encouraging their clients to waive a survey to lower closing costs - and it's hardly a savings. Usually, when looking at overall costs, it's only a savings of less than half of a percent (>0.5%). Is saving a minor amount in closing costs today worth the cost of having to move improvements or defending a property lawsuit tomorrow? Protect yourself and your investment with a certified land survey.




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